Easycurrents at 52 World Championship Puerto Portals 2015

EasyCurrents has been present at the 52 World Championship Puerto Portals 2015. Our partner VMG has been doing support for the sailing race.

Azzurra won the 2015 TP52 World Championship with a race to spare, finishing 14 points clear of second placed Platoon while only one point separated third from fifth, Provezza taking third step on the podium only by virtue of a tie break with both Alegre and Rán Racing. The teams Gladiator, Provezza and Ran were using easycurrents at Palma Bay.

TP52 World Championship

TP52 World Championship

The project easycurrents is completed now with easywind  that was also used by the race commite to get wind information to set up the race courses.

EasyWind obtains wind conditions information from an ultrasonic meteorological sensor, and displays it in a user friendly web interface, accesible by portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets via a wireless network. Wind speed and direction is displayed and stored, together with real-time stats; enabling coaches to obtain updated accurate information to help sailors improve their performance and results.