EasyCurrents technology for SOCIB

EasyCurrents has entered the scientific sector, hand in hand with one of the reference institutions regarding Coastal Observing and Forecasting Systems within the Balearic Islands; SOCIB, which has recently acquired 2 units for its instrumentation department.

EasyCurrents will prove very useful in order to get accurate real-time information, for SOCIB’s team to precisely deploy scientific instrumentation and ensure their investigations success.

SOCIB responds to a change of paradigm in the observation of oceans and coasts, an observation that has evolved from being centered on a unique platform, the oceanographic ships with data availability being delayed in time, to an observation now based on multi-platform and integrated systems (using buoys, satellites, ships, autonomous underwater vehicles, HF radar, ARGO profilers, etc.), also assuring quasi real time quality controlled data availability for both researchers and society.