Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I use the drag anchor provided?

Yes, the use of the drague anchor is highly recommended for accurate measurements of superficial water current. If it is not used, measurements could be distorted by wind action.

What is EasyCurrents' maximum wireless reception radius?

100 metres from the buoy to the Reception Unit; and 10metres from the Reception Unit to the portable wifi device.

What happens if the buoy drifts beyond the 100m wifi radius while sampling?

The sample timing will continue, but only measurements within the radius will be taken into account when sample is stopped.

What is the minumum recommended time-frame since the buoy is thrown into the water until a sample can be started?

You must ensure the drag anchor is correctly positioned and that the support boat or its trail is not affecting the sample; (approximately between 30 seconds and 1 minute).

What is the optimal sampling time to obtain reliable results?

A sampling time ranging from 2 – 4 minutes is recommended for optimal results.

Can the buoy resist an accidental fall?

EasyCurrents is shock resistant to drops and accidental falls from up to 1 metre height.

Can several users or devices connect to the same EasyCurrents wifi network simultaneously?

Yes, several user can connect to the same EasyCurrents network to view the measurements; Not more than 4 users are recommended, in order to keep an optimal performance.

¿Can I use EasyCurrents' Reception Unit as an Access Point to browse the Internet?

When ashore, you can connect your EasyCurrents Reception Unit to the Internet, via an ethernet cable, and when powered on, will act as an Internet Access point, via your EasyCurrents wifi network.